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Three things I often do instinctively are ask questions, look for answers, and imagine how everything I read could be written more clearly. My curiosity has led me to a number of different professional and academic corners, including editing, fisheries biology, environmental journalism, wildlife conservation, psychology, research, and medicine. The written word - that figurative walking stick - gave me passage through each of those disciplines.

My employment background includes four years as a fisheries biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service in New Mexico and five years as Staff Biologist for an ecological consulting firm focused on conservation projects across Colorado. For 18 years I've been writing and editing in employed, academic, freelance, and internship settings, including as a journalist for High Country News, which covers environmental issues in the American West.

In 2009 I took a hiatus from everything, initially to study medicine. Two years in, I took another detour and earned a master's in Counseling Psychology. That experience taught me how to really listen to people; to notice, investigate, and correct my assumptions; to communicate my interpretations effectively; and to cooperatively alter course when I'm mistaken.

As a biologist, I regularly wrote and edited biological reports and conservation easement baseline reports for federal and corporate organizations. In other positions, I composed successful press kits and published magazine articles, grant proposals, promotional book content, blog articles, and a marketing analysis.


As an editor, I've helped academics publish their research in Psychological Science, Medical Decision Making, Current Directions in Psychological Science, Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences, ProQuest, Nurse Education Today, Nursing Education in Practice, and Journal of Professional Nursing.

I have edited self-published works, including a nonfiction book about polar bear over-hunting to satisfy the global skin trade, and a nonfiction eBook about using ancestral nutrition as medicine for chronic illness. Many of the authors I've worked with speak English as a second language.

I've also written health course outlines, edited online course slides and blog posts, provided content research for native habitat restoration projects, done microscopic soil assessments, and helped individuals research their own health and find suitable doctors. On an ongoing basis, I work as a content researcher and Scientific Review Board point person for the Ruscio Institute.


For fun, I like to ride my bike, watch wildlife, hike, walk-n-talk with friends, read, learn, and as much as possible, relax with my significant other and our silly cats (pictured below). 

Think we could make a good team?

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